Do You Take Deposits And Hold Property?

At The Lot Store, we believe in giving everyone the opportunity to own affordable property. We offer unbelievable deals and simple, no nonsense financing every day. Due to the fast pace at which our properties sell, deposits and/or holds are not offered. If you’re seriously interested in a particular property, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible to get the contract package finalized.

How Much Will The Monthly Payments Cost?

Every property is different and we offer various payment term options on each of our properties, depending on several factors. Please check the individual property listing page for specific terms and payments offered for that listing.

Do I Need Credit To Owner Finance A Property?

At The Lot Store, we believe everyone should be entitled to simple property ownership. We welcome people with bad or no credit and do not charge any closing costs whatsoever for purchasing a property. Our qualification process is simple and easy. We verify a few pieces of information about the purchaser and once you have made your down payment, interest in the property beings. Once you make the remaining monthly payments, the property is 100% yours.

How Can I Receive More Information?

At The Lot Store, we’re always here to help. For questions and more information, please click the Contact link and send us an email. We pride ourselves on timely communication and welcome any questions or inquires you have. Alternatively, you can also reach us by phone at 866-574-1710.

How Do I Obtain Detailed Property Information?

Please check the property listing page for all information we have concerning the property. Potential buyers are encouraged to conduct any and all research prior to entering into an agreement to purchase a property from The Lot Store.

All properties are sold “As Is. Where Is.” The Lot Store, however, makes the following guarantees:

  • You will be the sole owner (or owners if there are multiple buyers) of this property.
  • You will be conveyed 100% of the ownership interest we hold in the property.
  • There will be no delinquent back taxes on the property at the time of conveyance.

How Do I Buy A Property From The Lot Store?

At The Lot Store, we believe in making land and home ownership simple. In order to purchase a property from us, the following easy steps will set you on your way to ownership:

  • Choose a property you are interested in from our listings
  • Perform all due diligence including researching county records
  • Contact us and let us know which property you would like to purchase
  • Our purchase contract and easy instructions will be delivered via email
  • Voila, you are now a land owner.