Arkansas Public Real Estate Contacts

Arkansas County- Stuttgart (Western Office)

Recorder of Deeds870-673-2056
Tax Collector870-659-2098 x5
Tax Assessor870-672-7546
Mapping / GIS870-672-7546

Arkansas County- DeWitt (Eastern Office)

Recorder of Deeds870-946-4219
Tax Collector870-946-1795
Tax Assessor870-673-6586
Mapping / GIS870-672-7546

Ashley County

Recorder of Deeds870-853-2030
Tax Collector870-853-2050
Tax Assessor870-853-2060
Mapping / GIS870-853-2060

Baxter County

Recorder of Deeds870-425-3475
Tax Collector870-425-8300
Tax Assessor870-425-3453
Mapping / GIS870-425-3453

Benton County

Recorder of Deeds479-271-1017
Tax Collector479-271-1040
Tax Assessor479-271-1037
Mapping / GIS479-271-1037

Boone County

Recorder of Deeds870-741-5560
Tax Collector870-741-6646
Tax Assessor870-741-3783
Mapping / GIS870-741-3783

Bradley County

Recorder of Deeds870-226-2272
Tax Collector870-226-3491
Tax Assessor870-226-2211
Mapping / GIS870-226-2211

Calhoun County

Recorder of Deeds870-798-2517
Tax Collector870-798-2357
Tax Assessor870-798-2740
Mapping / GIS870-798-2740

Carroll County- Eureka Springs (Western Office)

Recorder of Deeds870-423-2422
Tax Collector870-423-6400
Tax Assessor870-423-6400
Mapping / GIS870-423-6400

Carroll County- Berryville (Eastern Office)

Recorder of Deeds870-423-2422
Tax Collector870-423-6400
Tax Assessor870-423-6400
Mapping / GIS870-423-6400

Chicot County

Recorder of Deeds870-265-8010
Tax Collector870-265-8030
Tax Assessor870-265-8025
Mapping / GIS870-265-8025

Clark County

Recorder of Deeds870-246-4281
Tax Collector870-246-2211
Tax Assessor870-246-4431
Mapping / GIS870-246-4431

Clay County- Corning (Western Office)

Recorder of Deeds870-857-3271
Tax Collector870-598-2266
Tax Assessor870-598-3870
Mapping / GIS870-598-3870

Clay County- Piggot (Eastern Office)

Recorder of Deeds870-598-2524
Tax Collector870-598-2266
Tax Assessor870-598-3870
Mapping / GIS870-598-3870

Cleburne County

Recorder of Deeds501-362-8149
Tax Collector501-362-8145
Tax Assessor501-362-8147
Mapping / GIS501-362-8147

Cleveland County

Recorder of Deeds870-325-6521
Tax Collector870-325-7254
Tax Assessor870-325-6695
Mapping / GIS870-325-6695

Columbia County

Recorder of Deeds870-235-3700
Tax Collector870-234-4171
Tax Assessor870-234-4380
Mapping / GIS870-234-4380

Conway County

Recorder of Deeds501-354-9617
Tax Collector501-354-9600
Tax Assessor501-354-9622
Mapping / GIS501-354-9622

Craighead County

Recorder of Deeds870-933-4530
Tax Collector870-933-4560
Tax Assessor870-933-4570
Mapping / GIS870-933-4570

Crawford County

Recorder of Deeds479-474-1821
Tax Collector479-474-1111
Tax Assessor479-474-1751
Mapping / GIS479-474-1751

Crittenden County

Recorder of Deeds870-739-3248
Tax Collector870-739-3141
Tax Assessor870-739-3606
Mapping / GIS870-739-3606

Cross County

Recorder of Deeds870-238-5720
Tax Collector870-238-5710
Tax Assessor870-238-5715
Mapping / GIS870-238-5715

Dallas County

Recorder of Deeds870-352-2307
Tax Collector870-352-5181
Tax Assessor870-352-7983
Mapping / GIS870-352-7983

Desha County

Recorder of Deeds870-877-2411
Tax Collector870-877-2525
Tax Assessor870-877-2431
Mapping / GIS870-877-2431

Drew County

Recorder of Deeds870-460-6250
Tax Collector870-460-6220
Tax Assessor870-460-6240
Mapping / GIS870-460-6240

Faulkner County

Recorder of Deeds501-450-4911
Tax Collector501-450-4921
Tax Assessor501-450-4905
Mapping / GIS501-450-4905

Franklin County- Charleston (Western Office)

Recorder of Deeds479-965-7332
Tax Collector479-667-4124
Tax Assessor479-667-2415
Mapping / GIS479-667-2415

Franklin County- Ozark (Eastern Office)

Recorder of Deeds479-667-3818
Tax Collector479-667-4124
Tax Assessor479-667-2415
Mapping / GIS479-667-2415

Fulton County

Recorder of Deeds870-895-3310
Tax Collector870-895-2457
Tax Assessor870-895-3592
Mapping / GIS870-895-3592

Garland County

Recorder of Deeds501-622-3630
Tax Collector501-622-3710
Tax Assessor501-622-3730
Mapping / GIS501-622-3730

Grant County

Recorder of Deeds870-942-2631
Tax Collector870-942-4315
Tax Assessor870-942-3711
Mapping / GIS870-942-3711

Greene County

Recorder of Deeds870-239-6330
Tax Collector870-239-6305
Tax Assessor870-239-6303
Mapping / GIS870-239-6303

Hempstead County

Recorder of Deeds870-777-2384
Tax Collector870-777-4103
Tax Assessor870-777-6190
Mapping / GIS870-777-6190

Hot Spring County

Recorder of Deeds501-332-2281
Tax Collector501-332-5857
Tax Assessor501-332-2461
Mapping / GIS501-332-2461

Howard County

Recorder of Deeds870-845-7506
Tax Collector870-845-7508
Tax Assessor870-845-7511
Mapping / GIS870-845-7511

Independence County

Recorder of Deeds870-793-8833
Tax Collector870-793-8823
Tax Assessor870-793-8842
Mapping / GIS870-793-8842

Izard County

Recorder of Deeds870-368-4316
Tax Collector870-368-7247
Tax Assessor870-368-7810
Mapping / GIS870-368-7810

Jackson County

Recorder of Deeds870-523-7423
Tax Collector870-523-7410
Tax Assessor870-523-7410
Mapping / GIS870-523-7410

Jefferson County

Recorder of Deeds870-541-5304
Tax Collector870-541-5313
Tax Assessor870-541-5344
Mapping / GIS870-541-5344

Johnson County

Recorder of Deeds479-754-2977
Tax Collector479-754-3056
Tax Assessor479-754-3863
Mapping / GIS479-754-3863

Lafayette County

Recorder of Deeds870-921-4878
Tax Collector870-921-4255
Tax Assessor870-921-4808
Mapping / GIS870-921-4808

Lawrence County

Recorder of Deeds870-886-1112
Tax Collector870-886-1114
Tax Assessor870-886-1135
Mapping / GIS870-886-1135

Lee County

Recorder of Deeds870-295-7710
Tax Collector870-295-7752
Tax Assessor870-295-7750
Mapping / GIS870-295-7750

Lincoln County

Recorder of Deeds870-628-3154
Tax Collector870-628-5320
Tax Assessor870-628-4401
Mapping / GIS870-628-4401

Little River County

Recorder of Deeds870-898-7211
Tax Collector870-898-7216
Tax Assessor870-898-7204
Mapping / GIS870-898-7204

Logan County- Paris (Western Office)

Recorder of Deeds479-963-2164
Tax Collector479-963-2038
Tax Assessor479-963-2716
Mapping / GIS479-963-2716

Logan County- Booneville (Eastern Office)

Recorder of Deeds479-675-2894
Tax Collector479-963-2038
Tax Assessor479-963-2716
Mapping / GIS479-963-2716

Lonoke County

Recorder of Deeds501-676-2316
Tax Collector501-676-6344
Tax Assessor501-676-6938
Mapping / GIS501-676-6938

Madison County

Recorder of Deeds479-738-2215
Tax Collector479-738-6673
Tax Assessor479-738-2325
Mapping / GIS479-738-2325

Marion County

Recorder of Deeds870-739-3248
Tax Collector870-449-6253
Tax Assessor870-449-4113
Mapping / GIS870-449-4113

Miller County

Recorder of Deeds870-774-4501
Tax Collector870-774-1001
Tax Assessor870-774-1502
Mapping / GIS870-774-1502

Mississippi County- Osceola (Western Office)

Recorder of Deeds870-563-6471
Tax Collector870-763-6841
Tax Assessor870-763-6860
Mapping / GIS870-763-6860

Mississippi County- Blytheville (Eastern Office)

Recorder of Deeds870-762-2332
Tax Collector870-763-6841
Tax Assessor870-763-6860
Mapping / GIS870-763-6860

Monroe County

Recorder of Deeds870-747-3615
Tax Collector870-747-3722/3819
Tax Assessor870-747-3847
Mapping / GIS870-747-3847

Montgomery County

Recorder of Deeds870-867-3521
Tax Collector870-867-3155
Tax Assessor870-867-3271
Mapping / GIS870-867-3271

Nevada County

Recorder of Deeds870-887-2511
Tax Collector870-887-3511
Tax Assessor870-887-3410
Mapping / GIS870-887-3410

Newton County

Recorder of Deeds870-446-5125
Tax Collector870-446-2378
Tax Assessor870-446-2937
Mapping / GIS870-446-2937

Ouachita County

Recorder of Deeds870-837-2230
Tax Collector870-837-2260
Tax Assessor870-837-2240
Mapping / GIS870-837-2240

Perry County

Recorder of Deeds501-889-5126
Tax Collector501-889-5285
Tax Assessor501-889-2865
Mapping / GIS501-889-2865

Phillips County

Recorder of Deeds870-338-5515
Tax Collector870-338-5580
Tax Assessor870-338-5535
Mapping / GIS870-338-5535

Pike County

Recorder of Deeds870-285-2231
Tax Collector870-285-3121
Tax Assessor870-285-3316
Mapping / GIS870-285-3316

Poinsett County

Recorder of Deeds870-578-4420
Tax Collector870-578-4415
Tax Assessor870-578-4430
Mapping / GIS870-578-4430

Polk County

Recorder of Deeds479-394-8100
Tax Collector479-394-8110
Tax Assessor479-394-8157
Mapping / GIS479-394-8157

Pope County

Recorder of Deeds479-968-6989
Tax Collector479-968-7016
Tax Assessor479-968-7418
Mapping / GIS479-968-7418

Prairie County- Des Arc (Western Office)

Recorder of Deeds870-256-4434
Tax Collector870-256-4764
Tax Assessor870-256-4692
Mapping / GIS870-256-4692

Prairie County- DeValls Bluff (Eastern Office)

Recorder of Deeds870-998-2314
Tax Collector870-256-4764
Tax Assessor870-256-4692
Mapping / GIS870-256-4692

Pulaski County

Recorder of Deeds501-340-8433
Tax Collector501-340-6040
Tax Assessor501-340-6170
Mapping / GIS501-340-6170

Randolph County

Recorder of Deeds870-892-5522
Tax Collector870-892-5491
Tax Assessor870-892-3200
Mapping / GIS870-892-3200

Saline County

Recorder of Deeds501-303-5615
Tax Collector501-303-5620
Tax Assessor501-303-5622
Mapping / GIS501-303-5622

Scott County

Recorder of Deeds479-637-2642
Tax Collector479-637-1017
Tax Assessor479-637-2666
Mapping / GIS479-637-2666

Searcy County

Recorder of Deeds870-448-3807
Tax Collector870-448-5050
Tax Assessor870-448-2464
Mapping / GIS870-448-2464

Sebastian County- Fort Smith (Western Office)

Recorder of Deeds479-784-1516
Tax Collector479-783-4163
Tax Assessor479-783-8948
Mapping / GIS479-783-8948

Sebastian County- Greenwood (Eastern Office)

Recorder of Deeds479-996-4195
Tax Collector479-783-4163
Tax Assessor479-783-8948
Mapping / GIS479-783-8948

Sevier County

Recorder of Deeds870-642-3055
Tax Collector870-642-2127
Tax Assessor870-584-3182
Mapping / GIS870-584-3182

Sharp County

Recorder of Deeds870-994-7361
Tax Collector870-994-7334
Tax Assessor870-994-7328
Mapping / GIS870-994-7328

St Francis (Saint Francis) County

Recorder of Deeds870-261-1715
Tax Collector870-261-1794
Tax Assessor870-261-1710
Mapping / GIS870-261-1710

Stone County

Recorder of Deeds870-269-3271
Tax Collector870-269-2211
Tax Assessor870-269-3524
Mapping / GIS870-269-3524

Union County

Recorder of Deeds870-864-1940
Tax Collector870-864-1930
Tax Assessor870-864-1920
Mapping / GIS870-864-1920

Van Buren County

Recorder of Deeds501-745-4140
Tax Collector501-745-8550
Tax Assessor501-745-2464
Mapping / GIS501-745-2464

Washington County

Recorder of Deeds479-444-1538
Tax Collector479-444-1526
Tax Assessor479-444-1520
Mapping / GIS479-444-1520

White County

Recorder of Deeds501-279-6203
Tax Collector501-279-6206
Tax Assessor501-279-6205
Mapping / GIS501-279-6205

Woodruff County

Recorder of Deeds870-347-2391
Tax Collector870-347-5152
Tax Assessor870-347-5151
Mapping / GIS870-347-5151

Yell County- Danville (Western Office)

Recorder of Deeds479-495-4850
Tax Collector479-495-4868
Tax Assessor479-495-4857
Mapping / GIS479-495-4857

Yell County- Dardanelle (Eastern Office)

Recorder of Deeds479-229-4404
Tax Collector479-495-4868
Tax Assessor479-495-4857
Mapping / GIS479-495-4857